Wahoooooo TGIF

This has been a descent week! I know it’s the calm before the storm but I have enjoyed it. I have tried to stay on top of things here at the house and I swear dirt and trash grow on my floor. How in the heck does that happen? I have swept 3 times a day and swiffered 2 times a day hoping that things would stay clean and I would feel better… WRONG! I look around and wonder when my kids find the time to make that many messes! I don’t want to clean every waking moment. I like to stop, cuddle, and spend time with the kids. Looking at these messes stresses me out completely. I used to not care a bit. I am turning into my mother. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

I am so glad that it is Friday! I have so much to get done, however, there is a double header Saturday and soccer Sunday. So will it even be possible to get a thing done? Honestly, I’m not sure it’s even worth stressing over.

I am working out again. Yeah! I am determined to loose all kinds of weight. I am eating very healthy already so it’s just getting that exercise routine down now. I don’t need to be the “hot mom” but I need to just feel better about myself. I have always been very athletic but the past couple years I have found a slump. I don’t like it! So I’m done. Tired of looking 6 months pregnant without sucking in my core. hahaha I know I can’t be alone in that. Thank goodness for Spanx! That has to be the most amazing piece of clothing I have! I bought 3 Spanx bathing suits. I am headed to the beach for at least 2 weeks this spring and summer and I haven’t had a new suit in years I may give one to my sister. I actually ordered them all new off of eBay and didn’t think I would win all 3 but I did lol. I am EXCITED!! For any of you women with trouble spot areas you need to make disappear for an evening. This is your saving grace!! What I want to know is where in the heck does all that fat go? I wish wherever it goes it would stay!

So I am hoping to find and evening of relaxing this weekend and share a bottle of wine with a friend and find some inner peace and rejuvenate for the week to come…. We shall see. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and some R&R as well.