WTHell Is Wrong With Me

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I’m sick….  I’ve been ill since I can remember! Looking back the first time I was in grade school when I saw it.  4th grade when I acted on it physically.  7th grade when I had my first full blown … Continue reading

I WON THIS BATTLE…  now the war?!!

TODAY I SMILED!  Most of you probably say “well who gives a sh$t! I smile all the time!” I haven’t had a genuine smile in weeks.  I question my sanity for it because tomorrow I hand over thousands of dollars … Continue reading

Use Me No More

I have been there for you for so many years every second that you needed me. I sacrificed time away from my loved ones, my kids, enjoying my time all for you!!!!! I found myself needing to talk and the … Continue reading

The Long Road… The Boy

So if you have read my blog you know I have. Styled my son for the past 2 years getting to school!!  Nearly ripping my own head off just to get him to do what’s freaking right! He’s not been … Continue reading

Suicidal Kind of Thanksgiving

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How many of you had the PERFECT Thanksgiving , with the PERFECT food, the PERFECT friends and family to be thankful for, and the PERFECT pictures to prove it all posted all over Facebook and Instagram???  That’s awesome thanks for … Continue reading