If He Only Knew

I’m sitting here in a standoff with my 17 year old son! You know the type because you probably were once one, are going through the same crap, or fearing the day when. He rules the world, knows everything, and I’m just a dumbass parent.

Never mind the fact that I have lived through more hell than one person could possibly fathom on a good day. I would like to think if he only knew he would maybe treat me a little better. He does know bits and pieces though he just does the normal thing of throwing it up in my face.

His famous phrase is “I’m not going to be like you.” Yeah that’s the point! I don’t want my kids to be like me not at all I’m nothing to look up to besides strong willed. I have survived. I want my kids to live not survive. I want them to thrive and enjoy life. I’m the poster child for what not to do and not to be. DONT BE ME!!!

Little does he see that he’s falling right into my footsteps. He’s so much like me it’s insane. I’m scared for him I know he will come out fine because we are a strong breed but damn he’s taking the long hard way around.

Mr. Rogers was FOS

Those of you who were born post internet boom probably don’t have a clue who Mr. Rogers even is. For those that don’t he was a 60 some-looking year old man in a sweater tossing his shoes around every show talking about how it was always a “Beautiful day in the neighborhood.” He was so sweet and he even took you to the land of make believe. Now he would be investigated for child pornography or suspicions of working with ISIS or something because people can’t leave well enough alone.

My point, however, it’s so not a beautiful day in the neighborhood. This world is going to hell so quick. Crap my neighbors don’t even talk to me. A retired multimillionaire just pulled off the biggest mass murder in US history this past week by himself as far as police know thus far. All his neighbors knew was that he kept to himself and he was never home much. A teenage girl convinced her boyfriend to commit suicide. Jealous girls killed another girl to get her “out of the way”. Hate groups show up at funerals now. Oh, and I love this one! We are now taking down historical monuments because they offend people. Really? Or do you just wanna bitch about something???

Today’s society is not what our forefathers intended that’s for sure. It’s just sad how self absorbed we have all become. Maybe we would focus on someone else’s pain struggles and hurts not our own. Realizing our life isn’t as bad as we thought can be an exuberant feeling.

My Daughter??… NO WAY!!!!

You know how you think your kids are going to be those “PERFECT ANGELS”? They won’t cuss, won’t drink, won’t touch drugs, never have sex, will be so incredibly smart, always make all the right choices. Bahahahahaha Yeah, then you actually have kids and wake up. You realize you’re kids are just like you not able to be controlled or manipulated into little zombies of perfection….. or can they?

She is all of those things and so beautiful. Like how did this drop out of my vagina hole? It’s the worlds 8th wonder! A miracle of God himself!!!

Never fear though…. she’s human! I started seeing signs around a boy….. I swore I would keep communications open always no matter how uncomfortable. So I text “Are you having sex? BC if you are you’re going to be responsible and go to the dr and go on birth control and take it as prescribed you aren’t going to get pregnant and end up like me I won’t allow it.” Her response “yes we are having sex and I would gladly go to the dr for birth control.” Wow! Not what I expected from Miss Perfect Pants but it is what it is I immediately called the dr made and appointment and we saw them within a week.

As a parent I don’t feel I am giving her permission to have sex. She will do it regardless of my feelings. She knew my stance prior to this… hello!!!! We have a moral obligation to teach our kids right and wrong and responsibility. When you talk about drinking you say don’t do it right? However, it’s always followed by but if you do don’t ever drink and drive. So what about sex? Would you not want your child to be as protected as possible??????

My mom disagrees with me….

I had a miscarriage at 15 to a guy I had been dating for 3 years! The doctor gave mom birth control info she threw away before we even left the office. We had sex again many times…

Turning a blind eye and/or not talking about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening…….