So I had my break… The fourth day in I went through my phone my 13 year old daughter has been borrowing. Something was off with her demeanor. Thus, I started the great search through my phone. AND THERE IT WAS…..

A boy claiming to be 17 being absolutely disgusting and nasty talking to my newly 13 year old daughter. He knew she was 13 and only going into 8th grade. I didn’t know this individual but I have some pretty good detective skills.

I started on the hunt. He had provided a name and a hometown. That was if he was being honest. There was no one by the name anywhere on facebook or google. I just needed his parents first I wasn’t going to ruin a 17 year old unless it continued. I then searched last name only with the home town. There were the names I needed to start searching with.

Back and fourth I went from google to Instagram to facebook. I learned this individual was NOT 17! This man was 20 years old. It is amazing what you can find on the internet!!!!

I jumped out of bed and called the local authorities. The next day was contacted by local detectives. Another mother’ Child was also involved in this and we decided to go to the state police task force which then went to the FBI.

So the FBI contacted me and showed up at my house 30 minutes later. The individual was busted by that weekend he had driven almost 5 hours bright an early in the morning believing he was going to have sex with my 13 year old daughter and her friend.

He stayed in jail for about one month but was bonded out 2 days ago. The FBI and state are still conducting investigations. It’s just a sick thought he is back out to talk to other girls like that and what he could do to them…….