Impact statements

I have my new BSN-MSN classes starting tomorrow. I’m scared and traumatized from nursing school. I’m worried I jumped in too soon. I bought a car this eve without even actually seeing it hahaha bought smart though. Not sure my husband will agree he was asleep lol.

With school, a new job, and my kids on my mind I still have the weight of the world on me with these impact statements to the courts. For starters federal court is intimidating. Second facing these nasty horrible individuals who took my daughters youth and innocence away how do you even approach that?

How do you tell them they shattered our whole families world. The time we had to spend and still spend in therapy. The anxiety that we all have. The fear I face daily about her security and well being.

Her birthday is coming up… It should be a time of celebration and gifts. But for her it is a painful reminder of the night she was raped. Every birthday will be a reminder for the rest of her life. What can you do about that?

How do you covey the pain they caused and damage that will always be there? How do you not break down into tears of anger and pain? How do I not have the most horrible anxiety attack when looking each of them in the eyes? It had to be done. I have to go and stand up for my child and my family who was all affected. Will it ever end? The impact will last a lifetime.