To the 2nd man that tried to rape my daughter

My daughter was a happy, carefree, beautiful and loving 12 year old little girl. You found her on Snapchat. You hid behind lies and deceit. You taught her things a 12 year old should never know. You asked for disgusting and compromising pictures and videos of her over and over despite her telling you no. Things such as masturbating with her hairbrush and the list could go on for miles. You convinced her that you loved her and cared for her more than anyone in the world.

You sent her disgustingly horrible videos and pictures and when she wouldn’t comply with your wishes you would tell her about your other girlfriends. Your mind games were endless. She believed you were a teen. She believed everything that you said. Why would she believe any different? She was naive and innocent to your cruel and evil intentions.

When I discovered your communication I immediately started doing background work on you. You were easy to find even with your lies. I had a face to face discussion with you on a Snapchat call where you also tried to lie to me. You begged me to not go to the police and swore yes you had lied about your age you were not 15 but you were only 17. I told you right then and there I was going to the police regardless. I already knew your lies.

With your perverse and sinister nature you didn’t care. Within days you were again reaching out to talk to her. This time offering her and her friend money to have sex with you. You traveled to take my daughter from her home and video sexual acts with her and her friend within a week of my conversation with you. They had literally just turned 13 and you not only wanted to take them from their homes and give them money for videoing sex with them you traveled around 5 hours to do so.

You have no conscience. You didn’t care about their well-being mentally or physically. You knew the dangers and your perverse mentality was reckless without any concern for my daughters life.

She has been in therapy for over a year now. She was on suicide watch for months. She went from a happy innocent girl to a child that began to hate herself. I could see something had changed but couldn’t find the issue for a couple of months due to Snapchat’s setup. Once I found you though it was days, weeks and months of dealing with local, state and federal law enforcement. My 13 year old daughter, your victim, lost so many newly sought after teenage freedoms because we were scared to death to let her out of our sight. She was not allowed to go to friend’s houses for sleepovers and she wasn’t even allowed to talk or texts friends for the past year unless she sat beside of us for fear another evil man was after her. Her grades bottomed out and she switched schools 3 times. I couldn’t go back to work and my own panic attacks set in. I struggled to stay in nursing school and graduate. My youngest daughter struggled so much with what has happened to her sister she too now has severe anxiety and depression. She is also in therapy and starting to now have panic attacks. She trusts no one. It has affected our family as a whole.

You are a man who took advantage of my child and preyed on her innocence and did so with malice. The simple fact that you completely disregarded that I was going to the police and continued to send messages and videos and ask for them in return over and over and then tried to pick her up and give her money for sex knowing her age at 12 and 13 clearly shows that there is no place for you in society. You will continue to be a danger to young girls everywhere at all times with freedom.

I ask the court on behalf of my daughter and my family to please punish him to the fullest extent allowable. We ask for this to save other young girls and their families from this destruction. Children deserve to have protection. They deserve to have an innocence and for it to not be taken by a sick and twisted perverse adult that knows better. An adult that doesn’t care about the law or the harm they cause to young children. An adult that is willing to travel for hours to satisfy his sick desires. He has proven to be one of those people.


So I had my break… The fourth day in I went through my phone my 13 year old daughter has been borrowing. Something was off with her demeanor. Thus, I started the great search through my phone. AND THERE IT WAS…..

A boy claiming to be 17 being absolutely disgusting and nasty talking to my newly 13 year old daughter. He knew she was 13 and only going into 8th grade. I didn’t know this individual but I have some pretty good detective skills.

I started on the hunt. He had provided a name and a hometown. That was if he was being honest. There was no one by the name anywhere on facebook or google. I just needed his parents first I wasn’t going to ruin a 17 year old unless it continued. I then searched last name only with the home town. There were the names I needed to start searching with.

Back and fourth I went from google to Instagram to facebook. I learned this individual was NOT 17! This man was 20 years old. It is amazing what you can find on the internet!!!!

I jumped out of bed and called the local authorities. The next day was contacted by local detectives. Another mother’ Child was also involved in this and we decided to go to the state police task force which then went to the FBI.

So the FBI contacted me and showed up at my house 30 minutes later. The individual was busted by that weekend he had driven almost 5 hours bright an early in the morning believing he was going to have sex with my 13 year old daughter and her friend.

He stayed in jail for about one month but was bonded out 2 days ago. The FBI and state are still conducting investigations. It’s just a sick thought he is back out to talk to other girls like that and what he could do to them…….